Campbell's Canadian History

Canadian History 11 Course Outline

Ms. Campbell


The curriculum for Canadian History 11 is organized around five themes, and the persistent questions related to each of these themes.  The themes and their related questions are:


  1. Globalization- What has been Canada’s place in the community of nations, and what should Canada’s role be?
  2. Development- How has the Canadian economy evolved in an attempt to meet the needs and wants of all Canada’s peoples?
  3. Governance- Have governments in Canada, past and present, been reflective of Canadian societies?
  4. Sovereignty- How have struggles for sovereignty defined Canada and how do they continue to define Canada?
  5. Justice- How has Canada struggled for a just and fair society?


There are a number of specific curriculum outcomes that relate to each of the themes listed above. 


We will study topics from four of the five themes described above, with a heavy focus on the first theme, “Globalization”; it is worth the most.  We will touch on items from three of the other themes, and the weights of all themes are listed below.


Theme 1- Globalization 50 %

Theme 2- Development 5%

Theme 3- Sovereignty 15 %

Theme 4- Justice 5%


If time allows, we will complete some activities within the “Governance” theme, and the above weights will shift, but it is unlikely.


We will be completing various activities to help you become more skilled and knowledgeable in Canadian history.  Some of these activities include completing graphic organizers, working on research activities/projects, writing essays, writing quizzes, as well as completing a wide range of creative products.  There will be a limited number of quizzes and tests. You will not be expected to memorize dates in this course.  My goal for you is to learn about the many events, both good and bad, that have shaped our country so far.


You will be required to complete an independent study project (a mandatory component of the course), in which you investigate an historical question (of your choice) by engaging in ongoing research through independent study and then communicating the results of this research effectively.  It is worth 10% of your final grade.  More on that later!


You will also be writing an exam in this course.  The exam is worth 15%.


I am looking forward to a great semester.  Should you need to contact me, my e-mail address is  Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.  I hope you enjoy the course.



Cindy Campbell


In order to access a list of assignments that have already been assigned or completed, you are invited to visit the PowerSchool website, where assignments are regularly recorded and updated.  Electronic copies of assignments will be attached to this website, whenever possible.  Students may need additional handouts, in order to complete assignments, and are encouraged to check in with me when getting caught up on overdue work.


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Copies of Assignments:


Unit 1 Assignments

Unit 2 Assignments

Unit 3 Assignments

Unit 4 Assignments