Student Handbook


Avon View High School challenges students to strive for their academic, social, emotional, and physical best.  In a courteous, respectful and safe environment, Avon View provides opportunities with responsibilities shared by students, staff, home, and community.




Phone: 792-6740             Fax: 792-6762           Website:



Principal:                                                 Peter Johnston


Vice Principals:                                          Lynn Campbell

Tim Swinamer


School Counsellors:                                    Jan Fraser and Melodie Starratt


Student Support Worker:                         Shawn Johnson

Health Nurse:                                        Janice Dempsey-Stewart                 



Head Custodian                                         Dana Taylor




J. Adams

S. Anderson

K. Atwell

A. Banks

A. Boyd

J. Bryan

S. Bryan

C. Campbell

J. Carmichael

P. Carruthers

L. Chance               

C. Clairmont

A. Comeau

S. Connolly

A. Connors

K. DesRoches

J. Fletcher

S. Forman               

S. Goucher              

P. Hanson               

K. Harnish                

A. Leith

A. Lockhart  

S. Lockhart

H. MacKeeman

R. MacKenzie

D. MacMillan

I. Morrison

R. Mossman           

S. Perkins

C. Popma

K. Rogers

I. Shaw

M. Smith

M. Starratt

J. Starrart

T. Steeves 

J. Streeter

N. Turpin

S. VanZoost            

G. Wile

T. Woundy

J. Zwicker               





Co-Prime Ministers:                 Stacia Dolliver

                                           Maggie Pittman

Athletics:                              Allyson Greeno, Leslie Greeno and Kristian Thornton                   

Arts and Communications:        Sophie Parker and Natalie Rippey                        

Special Events:                      Nicole Leary, Jessica Miller and Anthony Powell




1-800-850-3887 (toll free number)


         POSITION                                                            NAME

Superintendent of Schools                                       Ms. Margo Tait

Director of Programs & Services                                Mr. Dave Jones

School Board Chair                                                 Mrs Lavinia Parish-Zwicker

School Board Member                                             Mr. Doug Fraser






Life Touch School Pictures:                     September 10th, 2015              

Grade 12 Parent Night:            

Post-Secondary Day:                            October 8th, 2015    

Grad Pictures (Semester 1):                          

Christmas Break                                     

Semester 1 Exams:                               January 25th - January 28th, 2016                            

March Break                                        March 14th – 18th, 2016                      

Semester 2 Exams:                              June 17th – June 23th, 2016

Graduation:                                        June 28th, 2016


The Semester System:

Avon View High School divides the school year into two semesters.  Courses may be structured as a year-long course or a semestered course.  Students take half of their courses in Semester 1 from September through January and the remaining courses in Semester 2 from February through June.  Final marks are issued at the end of each semester or in June for year-long courses.  Not all courses may be offered in each semester.  Student will not have the option in Semester 2 to repeat a course in which they were unsuccessful in Semester 1.


October 8th, 2015                     Interm Report (to date)

November 19th, 2015                Report Card (mid-semester)

January7th, 2016                      Interm Report (to date)

February 11th, 2016                 Report Card (final for semestered courses)

March 10th, 2016                     Interm Report (to date)

April 7th, 2016                         Report Card (mid-semester)

May 26th, 2016                        Interm Report (to date)

June 28th  and 29th, 2016         Report Card (final for all courses)


Parents, guardians and students are encouraged to monitor the student’s progress through the Student and Parent Portal (PowerSchool Parent Sign In).  The Portal is an excellent resource to monitor individual academic progress (assessment and grades), attendance, and school information between formal reporting periods.  Parents and guardians are asked to contact the office in person or by phone to obtain a username and password. 




General Information

At Avon View High School students are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner supported by PEBS (Positive Effective Behaviour Support).  PEBS is the application of a behaviourally-based systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments that improve the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occur.


A Code of Conduct has been developed around Accountability, Integrity, and Respect.  The Code of Conduct is be displayed in every classroom and reviewed by the classroom teacher.


AVHS staff is encouraged to make regular positive contact with students.  Teachers make phone calls and send home postcards as recognition of a students’ positive contribution to school life or progress in a course.



School Rules

Avon View expects its students to:

  1. Be courteous and co-operative.
  2. Follow directions of school staff.
  3. Complete assigned class work and homework.
  4. Be punctual.
  5. Respect school property and the property of others. No food or drink (except water) may be consumed in any classroom, lab, gym or library.



RCH (Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights)

It is expected that students will respect and appreciate diversity of all school members regardless of their race, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, and ability.  Name calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements regarding sexual orientation will not be tolerated.  Bullying (any physical, verbal or other action that is deemed by anyone to be threatening or demeaning) is not permitted at A.V.H.S.


The Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights policy of the AVRSB will be followed.  In addition, AVHS will provide a supporting educational component:

  • At all grade levels, teachers will reinforce the need to recognize and fight racist, sexist and discriminatory behaviours.
  • Counselling will be advocated and provided at student, staff, or parental request.  AVHS is supported by a student support worker and RCH advisor at the site level, as well as, a Coordinator of RCH and Mi’kmaq Services Specialist at the regional level. 
  • A culture of mutual respect will guide all personal interactions within the AVHS community.
  • All students at AVHS are respected and treated equally.  We have absolutely no tolerance for racial, ethnic or gender intolerance.  These types of action will have serious consequences.


AVHS Schedules

Avon View students follow a rotating eight day schedule.

Daily Schedule


Quiet Bell

At the quiet bell (12:45) students must be either in the cafeteria/foyer, gym, library or supervised classroom.  Students are not permitted to hang out in the stair wells or hallways.


Period 1      8:50 – 10:00


Period 2      10:00 – 11:05

Recess        11:05 – 11:20

Period 3      11:20 – 12:20

Lunch         12:20 – 1:15

Period 4      1:15 – 2:15

Period 5      2:15 – 3:20



On several occasions throughout the year students attend four forty minute classes and are dismissed at 12:20 for an early dismissal.  These early dismissals provide time for teacher professional development.  The staff expects all students to attend as academic work proceeds during these shortened classes.


Early Dismissals


Period 1   8:50 – 9:45

Period 2   9:45 – 10:30

Recess     10:30 – 10:45

Period 3   10:45 – 11:30

Period 5   11:30 – 12:20



Grade 12, and in some circumstances Grade 11, students may have periods with no scheduled classes. Students must be in the library, cafetorium or off campus.



Regular attendance is very important to a student’s success in high school.  The loss of instructional time is difficult to recover.  It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on any missed work prior or post his or her absence.  Please note, that it is not a requirement of the teacher to provide any work packages; rather it is a courtesy to provide work for extended absences.  It is best if family vacations are arranged during non-instructional time in the school year. 

  • Avon View expects its students to attend school daily and to be punctual.
  • If students arrive late to school or class, they are to go directly to class and will be marked “late” by the classroom teacher.
  • Avon View has an automated attendance notification system
    • a call will be made to your home daily to report whether your child has missed one or more classes.
    • Students who have been absent may submit a note upon their return signed by a parent/guardian or phone the main office.  The note must explain the reason for the absence. Signing out: Students who have to leave school during the day must sign out at the main office.  They must have a written excuse.  Students over the age of 20 or living on their own may write their own excuses with permission from the administration and parents.


Attendance During Examinations

AVHS policy:

  1. Students are to attend for their scheduled exam(s).  If students are not writing, they are asked to not attend school. 

2. Students absent because of illness must present a medical excuse.

3. A teacher may require a student to write a re-scheduled exam or make-up exam.

4. Students must not be absent for provincial or regional examinations as they cannot be rescheduled.  Exemptions are only granted in the case of serious illness, bereavement or exceptional circumstances.  A missed provincial or regional exam will result in a mark of 0.  Absences due to family vacations will not be considered for exemption or re-scheduled.


Cheating and Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism is the act of taking and using the ideas or writings of another and passing them off as one's own. A student does not have to copy material word-for-word to be guilty of plagiarism.
  • Students who lend their work to other students know, or should know, that the "borrowers" may submit that work as their own. Such "lending" of work may be considered cheating.
  • Any form of cheating or plagiarism is not acceptable.  Student will receive consequences for their actions.  Consequences may include work to be completed under supervision, a mark of zero or a suspension.


Smoking Policy

Since August 1, 2002, the AVRSB has forbidden the use of all forms of tobacco on school property.  Tobacco / e-cigarette use by students is considered severely disruptive behaviour, and it is dealt with in Board Policy 402.7, Student Code of Behaviour and corresponding Administrative Procedure AS402.7. Students who use tobacco / e-cigarettes on school property may receive an external suspension and their tobacco products are confiscated.  There should be no students in the off campus smoking area during class time – this area is to be used only before school, recess, or lunch.


Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices:

  1. During class time, students may not use cell phones, iPods, etc. unless directed by a staff member.
  2. Cellular phones may not be used in any instructional areas during the school day, except under the supervision of and with the permission of the teacher in that instructional area.
  3. Cellular phones may not be used at any time where individual privacy must be protected, such as in washrooms or change rooms.
  4. Cellular phones may be used by students during non-instructional time in areas of the school where students are allowed to congregate if school policy allows such use.
  5. A school may decide, by school policy, to prohibit the use of any cellular phones that have video recording and/or text messaging features.
  6. If the video recording feature of a cellular phone is used in such a way to show disrespect for another’s privacy, or if the text messaging feature is used during a test or examination, these actions will be considered to fall under the category of a “severely disruptive/illegal behavior” under the Board’s Student Code of Behavior Policy.
  7. The Superintendent of School will be responsible for the implementation, monitoring and revision of this policy.  This policy will be monitored annually.


Students who violate the AVRSB cell phone policy will be dealt with in the following manner:

1st Offense: Warning from staff member involved

2nd Offense: Loss of cell phone for remainder of the class

3rd Offense: Cell phone is taken to the office for end of day pickup by the student

4th Offense:  Cell phone goes to office for pickup by parent

Subsequent offenses may entail the student no longer being permitted to bring his/her cell phone to school; failure to comply would be considered an act of defiance, subject to suspension.


Computer Use

The proper use of the internet and the educational value gained from proper internet use are the joint responsibility of students, parents and the employees of the AVRSB.  Students must read and abide the Internet Use Agreement.  Breaking of agreement means loss of internet access.

See Board Website.


Dress Code While at AVHS:

Students must maintain a clean, neat appearance.  Personal appearance should not disrupt normal educational or social processes.  Specifically midriffs, front and back should be covered.  Skirts and shorts are to be of a reasonable length. Headwear should be removed when in a class or an assembly. Apparel and accessories are not to display words or symbols that are disruptive, suggestive, offensive, indecent or obscene, including those related to drugs or alcohol.  When, in the judgment of the principal or the principal’s designate, a student’s appearance at school or at a school activity is a disruptive factor, a safety hazard or an impropriety, the administration will take appropriate steps.  For reasons of health and safety, certain programs require special clothing.



Avon View is a scent-sensitive school. Some students and staff are highly sensitive to perfumed products.  Scents may cause them to lose school time to illness. If students disregard this policy,

administration may ask them to leave a class or the building.



Public displays of affection as seen by staff as inappropriate will be addressed.




General Guidelines around Course Selection

Avon View High School operates on a credit system for graduation. Instructional time in a semestered course is very compact.  For that reason, students are asked to put some consideration into course selection so that course changes are at a minimum once the semester starts.  If a course change is necessary, students will be permitted to do so up to 5 school days after the start of the first class.  Simply, too much instructional time is lost after two weeks in a semestered course.  A “Course Change” form must be completed and signed by the student, parent and teacher.


Dropping of Courses

The following procedures shall be used when students enrolled in grades 11 or 12 drop courses during the school year.  Grade 10 students are not permitted to drop classes as they are to remain fully scheduled without free periods.


If a Grade 12 student is requesting to drop a course, he or she must observe the following dates:                     

  1. Drop dates as

                Semester 1:              Semestered Course:                 October 2, 2015

                                                Year-long Course:    October 23, 2015


                Semester 2:              Semestered Course: March 4, 2016


  1. Dropped courses will not appear on the official transcript if outlined dates are followed.  Students who find it necessary to drop a course after the deadlines may receive a failing grade or a “WD” (withdrawn) designation on their official transcript.


A “Course Drop” form must be completed and signed by the student, parent and teacher. These forms are available from the Student Services Office.


Honours Standing

At the end of term or end of year, students may receive Honours standing to acknowledge their academic achievement.  Honours standings are granted to all AVRSB students under the following guidelines:

  1. The Honours standing is based upon an average of the final or term marks/grades of the following number of courses taken during the current year or term (including courses completed by correspondence, independent study and/or challenge for credit). Any marks/grades for correspondence courses shall be included in the calculation of the average for the academic year the course was completed:

                 Grades 10, 11 - any six (6) courses

                Grade 12 - any five (5) courses

*If Grade 12 students are attending for only one semester, he or she must take at least 3 courses in that semester to qualify for Honours or Honours with Distinction.  If a Grade 12 student attends for a full year, he or she must take a minimum of 5 courses to be considered for Honours and Honours with Distinction.


  1. For an average of 80% or higher, the student will receive an Honours standing.  For an average of 90% or higher, the student will receive an Honours with Distinction standing.
  2. The student may not have a final failing grade in any course for the term or year.



Student Fees

Student fees defray the cost of lockers, ID cards, the student handbook, and computer access. Student fees: $30 for the first student, $25 for the second, and $20 for the third child in the same family. At the end of the year, students must return locks. 





Emergency Evacuation

It is important that students know and understand what to do in an emergency.  There are three types of alarms that require your immediate response:

Regular fire alarm:  Students are expected to evacuate the building immediately and assemble at the designated location.  Should an alarm occur during class time, students will follow their teacher to the designated space for that particular class room.  Students on free periods will assemble near the bus loop along with the office staff.  In the event of an alarm during non-class time, student will proceed to the front of the building and line up by homeroom at the designated space.  All buzzers indicating changes of classes, recess or noon, or the end-of-day are to be ignored.  Once the building is evacuated all future instruction will be voice instructions.

Lock down and / or Hold and Secure:  This will be announced over the speaker system as a “lock down or hold and secure”.  On this command, all students will remain in their rooms until further notice.  Students in the library will remain there.  Student out of their rooms will go to the nearest teaching area occupied by a teacher.  Students in the cafeteria will go to the gym.  If a lock down is called at recess or noon, or during a student’s free period, students are to proceed immediately to the gym or the nearest area occupied by a teacher.

Evacuation: Directions as to where to go will follow an announcement for an evacuation.  Evacuations are to proceed in an orderly manner, observing the same procedures as for a fire alarm.  Students will exit the building using the designated fire exits.  No student is to leave in vehicles unless permitted by emergency personnel.



To park in the student parking area, students must obtain parking passes that must be visible on their windshields. Illegal parking may result in ticketing. Parking on school grounds is a privilege that the administration may revoke if a problem involving a motor vehicle occurs.


During school hours, students may not congregate in or around their cars. 


Students who do not comply with this rule receive one warning.  On a second offence, the student loses parking privileges for one month. Further offences may result in the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the year.



Lockers provide minimum security and students should not leave items of value in lockers overnight. Do not share locker combinations with anyone. The school is not responsible for lost articles. Lockers remain the property of the AVRSB and school administrators may open them at any time. Students are not to place their own locks on lockers without administration permission or they will be cut off.


Items Not Returned

Students must return textbooks, library materials, uniforms and other school property. Students who fail to do so may not participate in extracurricular activities (dances, sports, committees) until items are returned or paid for.  Drivers will lose their parking passes for items not returned.


Youth Health Centre

The Youth Health Centre is a place where youth can become involved in many activities that increase health.  Examples of topics the YHC engages in are – self esteem and youth empowerment, healthy sexuality, issues surrounding mental health and leadership/peer mentorship.  A youth health centre coordinator is there to support the activities or projects that youth choose to discuss or are passionate about.  All students are welcome.


Dance Rules

The Students' Council provides dances for the enjoyment of the student body.  For these events to be pleasant and successful, students should know these dance regulations:

** Students who accumulate a combination of 25 absences or tardies will not be permitted to attend the dance.

  1. AVHS students must present a current AVHS student photo ID card and a dance ticket at the door.
  2. Students who receive an in-school suspension or an external suspension may not attend the next dance. Students not attending school on the day of a dance may not attend the dance.  Such students who try to enter will lose the privilege of attending the next dance.  Students using drugs or alcohol, or students who are in association with others using drugs or alcohol, forfeit the privilege of attending dances.
  3. Unless they are leaving for the evening, students who enter the dance may not exit the building.
  4. Invitations for guests from outside the school are available to AVHS students.  Students must prepay for their guests, obtain a dance guest pass, and the administration must approve of guests.  Guests must have a current high school student photo ID card. AVHS students are responsible for their guests.  Guests without paid passes are not permitted in the dance.
  5. Coats, purses and athletic kitbags will be checked at the door.
  6. The doors close one and one quarter hours after the dance begins (8:15). Students arriving after that time may not enter unless prior arrangements exist with the administrator in charge.
  7. Students may not smoke at dances.
  8. Students observed under the influence of drugs, including alcohol, may not remain at a dance.  Such students can expect the school to contact their parents, as well as assigning an external suspension.   For additional information, please check the AVRSB suspension policy.
  9. An administrator and a minimum of three teachers chaperon each dance. Parents who would like to chaperon may contact a school administrator.
  10. While attending a dance, a student whose behaviour contradicts dance regulations faces   disciplinary  action which may include:

           a) the loss of the privilege to attend dances,

                b) the loss of the privilege to participate in extracurricular activities and a suspension

from school.


Athletics / Extra-curricular Activities

As ambassadors of our school, you must process a code of conduct.  You are expected to:

  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Abide by school rules and expectations
  • Attend school regularly, be punctual, participate fully in learning opportunities, contribute to a safe learning environment, respect property and others, comply to all AVRSB and AVHS policies and procedures
  • Apply the above when visiting other schools
  • Scheduled for a minimum of two (2) courses per semester


Students who do not adhere to the above may …

  • Be asked to conference with his or her coach, athletic director or administrator
  • Be asked to participate in academic support / intervention programs (i.e. after school study hall, etc.)
  • Be suspended from part or all of the playing season
  • Disciplinary measures as decided by the administration

In the past, our students have represented the school as positive ambassadors.  This is expected to continue.


AVHS School Library

The library is available for individual student use, or teachers may book it for an entire class.  Bookings may be done online through the school website or in person.


Teachers sending students to the library should provide them with a library pass or a note.  Students on free periods should be prepared to show their free card. They are expected to work or read quietly and to be respectful of others.


Ten computers are available on a first-come first-serve basis, except when booked for a class. We have an excellent collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as circulating videos, magazines, and newspapers. Loan period is two weeks, after which fines of 5 cents per day will be charged, unless materials are renewed.


A digital camera and two video cameras are available for use; students borrowing these need a form signed by a teacher or parent. A photocopier is available for students, at a cost of .10 per page.  Blank CDs are available for $1.


For more information and resources on many subjects, see our Avon View school website site:


Use the information in this handbook to make good decisions and the best of your time in high school.  You have many opportunities and supports in this school.  Take advantage of them and ask for clarification or help when you need it.  We are “working together for students”.